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Step into the Personal Side of Life..

on January 7, 2013

Good afternoon folks!

I wanted to take a moment from my fitness and nutrition updates blog and write about something a little more personal and hopefully you too can relate and understand just like I have. Yesterday I took a moment and sat down with my dad, something I recommend many of you to do, is to sit down with your parents, grandparents, family, or people whom you look up to and admire and really listen to what they have to say. Now, I know sometimes we don’t always want to hear the words that come out of our parents or families mouths, but this time I have got to say I enjoyed every bit of the 4 hour conversation. In my younger years (yes I know I am not that old) I would say yes mom, yes dad, whatever and then go do my own thing because I always knew best, not that my life hasn’t ended up horrible or anything but there are certain points in my life that I know look to further understand and gain strength for. So with that I want to say, take the time to really evaluate your life, look at yourself and your family now and if you have the ever burning question in your head of “is this really where I want to be or can I finally take the time to change it,” and sit down and write it out on a simple piece of paper and really look at your life as it is now and the future with all your true priorities honestly straight in front of you. This will begin your journey into a self-help kind of situation and lead to great changes for true happiness and a life worth living. You can use this for just about any priority in your life; whether it is making more money, getting a healthier life style, creating a happy home, etc. the list goes on. Let me share a few last reasons on why this is important then I will catch you up on your weekly fitness and nutrition journey!

  • Self-help is empowering. Developing a self-help plan keeps you in control of your own destiny leading you into all aspects of your life and is emotionally satisfying by looking into the issues on your own; creating a feeling of being a responsible and capable adult.
  • Self-help means creating an effort with a plan to show your strengths and weaknesses, and reflect your personal choices about how to best address your specific issues.
  • Did you know that self-help makes other people feel good about you?  Your decision to gravitate towards self-help provides some assurance to other people who may be upset or disappointed with you because of your issues that you are working on and taking steps to overcome them. People always like the “proof in the pudding,” so when challenging yourself, you are challenging them to really see your true colors in a good way.  Meaning, your self-help efforts will be noticed and appreciated by those people around you who care about you or count on you. Everybody has someone; even your children need this from you.
  • With that last statement, this follows. You become a role model. If you have children, your pursuit of self-help is an excellent way to teach your children to be self-sufficient and capable when they grow up. Or even among your friends, before they may not have to courage to say something to you about you or them, now that you have taken initiative they may too and the relationship can grow strong and healthy.
  • Self-help really honestly creates a better, wiser person in yourself and throughout your life in all aspects. By increasing your self-awareness capabilities, your efforts can help you learn to recognize all kinds of problems before they occur, while occurring (to be fixed) and even after an event (it won’t happen again). As your ability to see things as they are, rather than how you would like them to be increases, you’ll find yourself willingly able to be your own best adviser, steering yourself away from bad decisions and towards good ones without hesitation.
  • As your path down self-help succeeds and you become that better and wiser person, the time you may have spent in therapy, counseling, or even running away from situations hoping they will automatically go away or get better becomes a thing of the past and you can truly wake up and enjoy the life you are leading because you have saved that time and effort and corrected it yourself.
  • Let’s face it one of the biggest perks of self-help is the fact that if you don’t want people knowing, it is all private and you can do it by yourself in the privacy of your home, car, office, ect. It is your time and your business, not anyone else’s. Of course, as the days go on and people notice a bounce in your step or a change in your life they will ask and in return you can share this one secret, it is called self-help.
  • Last but not least, self-help is a very inexpensive way to changing the person you are now and getting you to the person you want to be. Go ahead and check out your local used book store; cheap, easy, helpful books there.

Alright so that’s my blog for today. I figured I would share a little insight in my life and let you know that I am just as human as everyone else, so don’t be afraid to speak up and talk to myself or others, the help is here and there just waiting on you to ask.



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